Saturday, June 10, 2006

This is going to be my last post about this stupid cartoon that the Webb campaign sent out. Webb’s campaign plain and simple screwed up. Let me once again reiterate my position on this cartoon. I am not an expert, unlike the respected experts quoted in the Free Lance Star newspaper, on what would constitute an “anti-Semitic” cartoon. I only know what I know, which is that this cartoon is of poor taste and insensitive. The “anti-Semitic” rhetoric is being promulgated by Webb’s over the top army of bloggers who seem to overwhelming any online source that is the least bit critical of their candidate. Continuing their verbal assaults on Miller is only adding to and keeping alive this story. I have no intention of trying to convince these bloggers that what they are doing is morally wrong; it seems to me that they have lost their objectivity a long time ago. Despite the efforts of certain bloggers to muddy the waters, I will fully support whichever candidate emerges victorious on Tuesday.