Sunday, June 11, 2006

I have decided that I will be voting for Miller on Tuesday. I have listened to the debates, reviewed the campaign literature, scoured their web sites, and have made my decision that Miller is the person who can defeat Allen in November. A primary reason for voting for Miller is the fact that he knows how to run a quality campaign. The Webb camp has stumbled through various gaffes, including the cartoon debacle. Miller believes so much in his own campaign that he is willing to put his own money into his campaign and, trust me, it will take a lot of cash and some self-funding to defeat Allen in November. Webb is wealthy, having published numerous books and writing, at least, one screenplay. Despite his wealth, he has complained about not having the money to send out direct mailings and to launch TV and radio ads. He simply doesn’t believe in his campaign as much as Miller.

I believe the fact that Miller was a lobbyist makes no difference anymore. National Democrats have tried unsuccessfully recently to capitalize on the Republican lead “culture of corruption” in DC. Miller has a clear plan to enact lobbying reform, which includes getting rid of special interest projects, prohibit ANY gifts to Senators or Congressmen, and to provide public funding for television campaigns. With Miller as our Senator there will be no more free lunches for George Allen – who might I add can afford his own lunch.

In the California special election a Republican lobbyist was elected, despite National Democrats pushing the “culture of corruption” argument. Actually, a major reason for the loss was putting forward an unseasoned candidate, anointed by the National Democrats, who made comments on illegal immigration that derailed her campaign in the final days. Miller has a clear plan on immigration while Webb has called the immigration problem “complex” and doesn’t have a well thought-out plan. I think that the National Democrats should stay out of Virginia politics, the questions all Virginians should be asking themselves is what has National Democrats won lately? Virginia State Democrats have come out in droves in support for Miller; they are the ones who know how to win elections.

On the issue of Iraq, Miller believes we were mislead and wants to get our troops home as soon as possible. In fact, he is the only candidate that believes that Rumsfeld should be fired. Webb was an early critic, but refuses to hold officials accountable.

I would argue that Webb is a one-issue candidate who needs a lot more seasoning. The Washington Post has called Miller “the better-briefed, better-focused and more thoughtful” candidate. Webb has admitted publicly that he doesn’t have the breadth of knowledge that Miller has on a wide variety of issues, but would surround himself by experts who would help him make decisions. Webb sounds like our Republican President; we know how well that has worked for our country.

I fear that Webb will be labeled as a flip-flopper, much the same way Kerry was during the failed 2004 campaign. Webb voted for Bush before he opposed him. He voted for Allen before he opposed him. The policies both of them espoused and the results that followed shouldn’t surprise anyone, including Webb who supported them.

Simply put, a victory for Miller is a victory for Virginia. Miller is Allen’s worst nightmare. A victory on Tuesday is the first step to a victory in November.